Postdoctoral offer – Solar Calcium-looping Integrating TCES

Puesto de trabajo: Postdoc
Entidad: Instituto de Ciencia de Materiales de Sevilla-CSIC
Descripción del puesto:

The Reactivity of Solids Group at the ICMS is looking for a Post-doctoral Researcher to perform applied research on ThermoChemical Energy Storage (TCES) within the framework of the H2020 SOCRATCES project. We are offering a 12-24 months contract and advantageous professional development opportunities.

The Calcium Looping process (CaL), based upon the reversible carbonation/calcination of CaO/CaCO3, stands as the most promising system for integrating TCES with Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plants. However, in order to fully develop the huge potential of the CaO/CaCO3 system to store energy, new avenues are to be explored in order to improve the recyclability of the chemical system.

The candidate will perform tests at lab scale using different materials and operation conditions that will be tested in a large scale prototype to be constructed in Seville with in the frame of this project. He/she will also participate in elaborating assigned deliverables within the framework of the H2020 project.
APPLICATION: Send CV, pdf of degree records with grades and references if possible to:

Dr. Luis A. Pérez Maqueda (

Dr. Pedro E. Sánchez Jiménez(