Postdoc position: Nanostructured stable organic radicals for sensing applications

Puesto de trabajo: Postdoc position
Entidad: Institute of Materials Science of Barcelona (ICMAB – CSIC)
Descripción del puesto:

The NANOMOL Research Unit is looking for a postdoc researcher to design and synthesize stable organic free radicals (SOFR) to prepare robust hybrid materials by their assembly onto conducting surfaces or nanoparticles.

The main tasks that will be carried out within the project include:
- Synthesis and characterization of organic radicals.
- Nanostructuration of the synthesized radicals on surfaces or nanoparticles.
- Structural characterization of compounds and hybrid functional materials.
- Advanced spectroscopic (EPR, RAMAN, etc) and electrochemical characterization of the materials.
- In depth characterization of the sensing response of the hybrid platforms for the detection of relevant (bio)analytes.

Duration of 2 years (starting as soon as possible).

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