Post-doctoral Research Associate in bio-hybrid optoelectronics at IMDEA Materials

Puesto de trabajo: Post-doctoral Research Associate in bio-hybrid optoelectronics
Entidad: IMDEA Materials
Descripción del puesto:

IMDEA Materials seeks a full-time Post-doc researcher with a priority to candidates with experience in i) fabrication and characterization of photovoltaics based on dye-sensitized solar cells (p- and n-type), ii) light manipulation for efficient in- and out- coupling, and iii) application of bio-materials to optoelectronics. We are looking for an individual with initiative and motivation to further develop her/his career in the new and dynamic Hybrid Optoelectronic Materials and Devices research group. The research activities will be focused on applying new bio-materials into photovoltaics for new concepts on light manipulation and light harvesting. We will work on understanding degradation pathways and proposing new additives and polymers to stabilize the bio-materials in operative devices. The candidate will acquire a mature knowledge on handling bio-compounds, spectroscopic, rheology, and microscopic techniques, as well as the fabrication and characterization of photovoltaic devices.

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