IK4-IDEKO ( is a private and independent Basque Research Centre (northern Spain), with 100 researchers skilled in Advanced Manufacturing and Production Technologies.

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Datos Generales

Razón Social: IDEKO, S.Coop. (IK4-Ideko)
Tipo de entidad: Centro de Investigación y/o Tecnológico
Dimensión: 51-200
Líneas de Interés:
TransporteEnergíaMaterias Primas

Datos de Contacto

Domicilio Social: Arriaga Kalea 2, 20870
Población: Elgoibar
Provincia: Guipúzcoa
País: España
Teléfono: +34 943 74 80 00
Persona de contacto: Juanan Arrieta Etxeberria (

Aspectos Tecnológicos

Tipos de materiales en los que se basa la actividad:
Tipos de actividades que desarrolla:
Caracterización EstructuralCaracterización FuncionalSimulación MaterialesSimulación Procesos

Tecnologías singulares, capacidades y productos

Strategic Innovation: innovation management, competitive intelligence, strategic planning, technology roadmaps, product-market plannification, technology transfer & exploitation of research results. Machining & Production Systems: lead-time, production flow simulation, bottlenecks identification, machining process optimisation, lean production, energy/resources-efficiency & sustainability, MQL manufacturing processes. Dynamic & Control: vibration control, chatter problem resolution, active/passive vibration damping, stable cutting processes, sensorial information process, chip break-down optimisation, elongation of critical components' life, productivity & accuracy increase, cloud computing. Intelligent Software: monitoring & control, CNC data gathering & process, production systems governance, machine availability, alarms control, predictive/preventive software-based maintenance, telediagnosis and telemaintenance, artificial vision and imaging technologies for diagnosis and monitoring, servitization, Data Analytics, and cloud computing. Non-conventional Transformation Processes: composites deposition and machining, critical workpieces repair with laser-based additive manufacturing, applications for health and medical sector (scaffolds generation). Inspection & Measurement: workpiece contactless alignment by photogrametry, defects/cracks detection by active termography, residual stress measurement by X-ray, accurate measurement by laser, non-destructive testing (NDT), development & integration of in-line/in-process vision-based QA systems. Reinforced by a collaboration agreement with Carl Zeiss. Precision design & engineering: ultra-precision techniques & processes, low friction guiding systems, magnetorheologic fluids for industrial use, tribology control (contact-friction-wear), applications for optics, surgery and medical sector; structure simulation (FEM); robust design (based on reliability, sustainability, ergonomics and safety); alternative structures or machine architectures; new constructive materials in machine components; design for-X (assembly, use); life-cycle assessment (LCA) and LCC calculation.