In this section, you can find the main tools developed by the platform in order to facilitate the collaboration between its members or between members and external entities.

  • Therefore, the Map of Capacities will constitute a repository that will include basic information, different lines of research in which MATERPLAT members are working on and the most remarkable equipment they have, so that organizations internal or external to the Platform will be able to find the most suitable partner for their needs.
  • Complementing this, in the Collaboration Opportunities section, organizations belonging to MATERPLAT will be able to advertise projects for which they are in need of partnering with other or others organizations.
  • Finally, these organizations will be able to use the Job Offers section that the platform puts at their disposal as a tool to spread their needs regarding the incorporation of personnel related to the field of materials. Beyond acting as a common job portal, the fact that this section is restricted to the scope of development of advanced materials and nanomaterials, will allow the different actors in this area to be aware of new opportunities within this sector.