Reasons to Join Join MATERPLAT

MATERPLAT intends to be the gathering point and the collaboration platform of all the agents of the Company, Science and Technology Spanish System related to the field of materials.

Reasons why you should join MATERPLAT:

1. Take part of innovation groups in which R&D&I priorities of the different fields related to materials are set

2. Participate in the platform organized events in which technical and non-technical information of high interest is exchanged

3. Increase your possibilities to collaborate with other companies, universities and research organisms

4. Receive up-to-date information about news, events and financing calls relevant to the platform

5. Count on a tool to spread your capacities, needs, results and events

6. Belong to the “voice” of the national innovation system agents that have interest in the field of materials

7. Transmit to the central administration your needs within the scope of R&D&I in materials science

8. Participate in discussions about potential R&D&I projects