MATERFAD is the Barcelona Materials Centre, created and promoted by the FAD, Fostering Arts and Design. Our activity is focused on three missions: generation, transfer and dissemination of knowledge on innovative materials.

We carry out research and technology surveillance with a focus on innovation, sustainability and creativity through materials.

We have different resources available to companies, professionals and students: an online database, a materials library and an international network of affiliated centres.

We work with professionals and companies as a consultancy centre to improve performance and products based on knowledge of materials and associated technologies.

We also curate and produce exhibitions, events and forums with advanced materials at their core, disseminating knowledge of materials and associated technologies to institutions and companies.


Registered office: FAD, Fomento de las Artes y del Diseño /FAD, Fostering Arts and Design
Entity type: Platforms, Associations and other Entities
Size: 10-49
Topics of interes:
Sustainable constructionNanotechnologyAdvanced manufacturingCircular economy of materials

Contact Data

Registered office: Plaza de las Glorias, 37-38. Edificio Disseny HUB Barcelona, 08018
City: Barcelona
State: Barcelona
Country: Spain
Phone: +34 93 256 67 58
Contact: Valérie Bergeron (

Technological Aspects

Types of materials on which the activity is based:
PolymersMetals and alloysIntermetallics2D materialsCompositesBiomaterialsRubbersCeramicsPorous materialsNanomaterialsHydrogelsOrganogelsRefractoriesSemiconductorsMaterials of natural origin including mineralsSuperconductorsPhase change materialsPhotonic materialsCementsGlass
Types of activities developed:

Specific Technological Aspects

Metallic materials and alloys; Natural materials (animal, vegetable or mineral origin); Ceramics, glass, cement, concrete; Polymeric materials (thermosets, thermoplastics, elastomers and silicones); Hybrid and processed materials (composite, foam, textile, fibre, paper, cardboard, biomaterial, adaptive, finishes and coatings, technology, systems and devices, nano).