ASICE is a non-profit innovation CLUSTER from the rubber sector, recognised at national level as an Innovative Enterprises Association (grupación de Empresas Innovadoras (AEA)), whose goals are to inform, promote, foster, represent and advise. It is formed by companies, research centres and technology/services providers.


Registered office: Agrupación de Empresas Innovadoras del sector del Caucho (ASICE)
Entity type: Platforms, Associations and other Entities
Size: <11
Topics of interes:
EnergyRaw Materials

Contact Data

Registered office: C/ Sirio 18, 28007
City: Madrid
State: Madrid
Country: Spain
Phone: +34 914458412
Contact: Pilar Martín-Luengo Palacino (

Technological Aspects

Types of materials on which the activity is based:
Types of activities developed:

Specific Technological Aspects