Ariño Duglass

Ariño Duglass is one of the first independent European companies dedicated to the design, manufacture and sale of processed glass. Extensive experience that began in 1952 and the trust of our clients throughout all this time, have made us enjoy a vanguard position, placing the group among the elite of companies in the sector.
We are one of the first independent European companies dedicated to the design, manufacture and marketing of transformed glass for sectors such as architecture and construction, railways and automobiles, industry and security, and decoration and interior design.
Our basic objective is to grow in a sustainable way. For this, we focus on products with high added value, aimed at satisfying the most demanding customers. The achievement of this objective is based on respect for people, especially for their safety and health; in a motivating work environment and a marked pride of belonging.


Registered office: Ariño Duglass S.A.
Entity type: Company
Size: 51-200
Topics of interes:
TransportSmart Cities

Contact Data

Registered office: Pol. ind. Royales Bajos, s/n. CP 50171
City: La Puebla de Alfindén
State: Zaragoza
Country: Spain
Phone: +34 976 108 008
Contact: Félix Manuel Fernández Serrano (

Technological Aspects

Types of materials on which the activity is based:
Types of activities developed:
Final user product manufacturing

Specific Technological Aspects

thermal tempering, softening temperature, compression and tensile stresses, thermoset glass, tensions, compression, surface compression, mechanical and thermal resistance, safety glass, annealed glass, break pattern laminate, security product, polyvinyl butyral, PVB, EVA, Sentryglas ionomeric sheets, acoustic, vanceva, solar control multilayer metal structure, metal compounds, high vacuum physical deposition, magnetron sputtering, low emissivity environment, dehydrated gas sealed chamber, butyl and silicone sealant screen printing, colored laminate, reflective decorations Privacy, design, low maintenance, safety glass, anti glare Decometalreflec, reflective gold and silver metallic look, lighting, viewing angle, aesthetic effects clarity, anti-reflection, minor light reflection, optical properties, clear and optimal visibility Variable solar control selectsun, research, b720, passive solar control, solar radiation, optimize energy consumption Solar factor, light transmission selectsun, angle of incidence, savings, variable solar control, economical and durable waterjet, cutting, machining, chamfer, bevel, ultra pressure water, enduro shield, low maintenance, protective layer, transparent liquid, covalent bond, permanent layer, durability 10 years, permanent chemical adhesion, protects corrosion and polluting stains, sea salts, pollution, pores, pollutants, deterioration, discoloration, seals, screens, windows , railings, mirrors, skylights, windshields, windows curved, ambient, dehydrated gas, separator profile, tightness chair, university of zaragoza, photofrec, anti-pollution, frequency selective surfaces, reduction of atmospheric pollution, attenuation of radio frequency communications signals sodocalcium glass, transparency, high chemical stability, energy insulation, deposition of layers of solar control and low emissivity, sun radiation, mobile frequencies , communication, pollution, health, atmospheric pollution, photocatalytic, gaseous pollutants, solar energy and water cercoat, ceramic whites, sps technique, deposition, sputtering, transparent conductive oxides ceramic materials, Eurostars, Cerpotech, Midsummer, Nanoker, Tekniker Transparent conductive oxides, TCO, electrical conductivity, transparency, electromagnetic spectrum, transparent electrodes, optoelectronics, flat screens, solar cells, led and oled devices, cercoat, ito, azo, anti-fog emap, high performance multilamel structure, technical polymeric and vitreous sheets safety glazing, high-performance multilayer structure novogenius, u value, k value, ecotrans, green technologies, urban transport cdti, cenit, Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles (CAF), S.A. New Technologies, Castrosúa, Acumene, Tram, ADIF, Elyt Energy, GreenPower, Hispacold, Hynergreen, Metro de Madrid, IDOM, LETAG, Trainelec, Traintic, CIDAUT visual impact, refrigerant fluids, acoustic insulation, vibration reduction, refrigeration equipment, decorative coating of ceramics, glass, metals, polymers, bioclimatic coatings, touch screens with bactericidal properties, aenor, iso, iqnet, fraunhofer, cekal, cstb, ce, duglass, ambience, hst, rsa