Photon Export

PhotonExport’s core business is thin films coatings and nano-technology supplies.

We lead the Thin Films entire value chain: from the substrate thought evaporation material or sputtering targets, to vacuum deposition equipment.

We are specialized in the following substrates: Silicon Wafers, Single Crystals, Sapphire, Quartz & Technical Glass.

Our mission is find the best materials for thin layer & vacuum deposition application


Registered office: Photon Export Thin Films & Patents SL
Entity type: Company
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Raw Materials

Contact Data

Registered office: Av cornellas 128 6Fi, CP 8850
City: Esplugues de Llobregat
State: Barcelona
Country: Spain
Contact: Ernesto Barrera (

Technological Aspects

Types of materials on which the activity is based:
Types of activities developed:
Materials manufacturing

Specific Technological Aspects

Tribology, PVD, Physical Vapor Evaporation, recubrimiento, coating, thin films, vacuum evaporation, susbtrates, Silicon wafers, concentrate solar power, solar photovoltaic energy, micro-electronics, semi-conductors, sputtering targets, sapphire, leds, photonics, optics, lens, electron beam evaporation, tungsten filaments.